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Coronavirus: Italian activists condemned for attack during outbreak

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As Italy copes with the spread of coronavirus, a graffiti attack by animal rights activists on the offices of a biomedical research charity, has prompted an impassioned defence of animal research by its director general.

Francesca Pasinelli, of Telethon Italia, responded to the attack (article in Italian) saying: “"I hope that something will soon become clear to everyone. The vaccine against Covid-19 will be developed only thanks to animal testing.”

Telethon tortures animals, was painted on to the Milan offices of Telethon, a foundation that raises funds for the research of rare genetic disorders.

And in an article in Spiked magazine, that highlighted the attack, EARA executive director Kirk Leech said: “I would find it hard to find a current more compelling case, or moral justification for the use of animals in research.


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