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Engaging, Informing, Supporting

The European Association for Animal Research (EARA) is a communication and support organisation whose mission is to defend the interests of biomedical research and health development in Europe. EARA provides accurate and evidence-based information that demonstrates the achievements made through the use of experimental animals in biomedical research. In this way, EARA informs, educates and unifies the different audiences that support animal research and promotes a transparent debate about the use of experimental animals.

Animal research statistics for France
Total number of procedures: 1,643,787

Read the 2020 report here

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Rehoming macaques used in French biomedical research: VIDEO

GIRCOR, the French animal research advocacy group, has posted a video on the rehoming of 11 macaques in a refuge zoo.

In collaboration with other associations and the activist group GRAAL, GIRCOR has been developing a retreat for laboratory animals and in particular monkeys as these cannot be adopted, like cats or dogs, and can live up to 30 years of age.

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