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Founded in 2014, EARA is a not-for-profit organisation that has close to 130 member organisations from both public research institutions, representative bodies and private biomedical research, as well as breeders and other suppliers to the sector, in 23 European countries and five other countries around the world.

The EARA network
 (by sector)

EARA vision and mission

Our vision is that the understanding and recognition of the importance and benefits of research involving animals across Europe is acknowledged by a significant majority of society, allowing for a more constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and a more efficient and dispassionate climate for research.


Our mission is to become the leading European voice for the life sciences sector (academic institutions, associations and industry) that use animals in research for human, animal and environmental benefit. EARA will provide a European platform for public and other external stakeholders to be informed and learn about animal research, its benefits and limitations.

EARA Strategy 2018 – 2023.

To meet the ambitions of its vision and mission statements and to reach its key audiences EARA has now identified five core strategy objectives for the next five years. 


  • Adapt the existing framework of policies, practices, procedures, and responsibilities for the effective management of EARA and manage the association’s growth through the creation of a new governance structure. 

  • To represent the European life sciences sector at EU institutions and at European national authority level 

  • To improve public awareness and acceptance of the importance of the use of animals for biomedical research for human, animal and environmental benefit. 

  • To facilitate choice and sustainability in the supply chain for animal research 

  • To ensure the expansion of the EARA network across Europe. To assist in the formation of national advocacy networks.

EARA Board Members
Advocacy Groups
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Webinar focusing on the activities of EARA, hosted by the EARA Member European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians and the Karolinska Institute, Sweden.


EARA executive director, Kirk Leech, presented “An introduction to the European Animal Research Association”, outlining the current work of EARA to improve public understanding and acceptability of animal research in Europe.

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