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Below are a selection of films and videos on animal research from around Europe, which include visits to laboratories, examples of animal welfare, interviews with scientists and presentations on openness and trasparency.

EARA also produces #TransparencyThursday - a series of videos that interviews researchers about their work using animals. 

EARA's #LetsTalkSciComm series asks questions of the leading science communicators around the world, inviting them to share their stories and advice on how best to communicate about science and animal research in particular.

The EARA event, Improving Openness in Animal Research in Germany, took place at the Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, in July, 2018.

The aim was to encourage  researchers and institutions to be more open about the animal research they carry out by making the case greater openness in communication.

The initiative was supported by both the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and the Society for Neuroscience (SfN).

EARA member, the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SECAL) has created a video (in Spanish) with examples of the benefits of the biomedical animal research.

The message in the video “La experimentación animal da vida” (Animal research gives life) was repeated by board members of SECAL.

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