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Animal use in rare disease research – EARA feature

Genes and viruses

EARA has published its latest feature on how animal research is used in the study of disease – this time, rare diseases, which have been identified as a growing health priority globally.

Because these diseases are rare (although they affect up to 446 million people worldwide), usually very little is known about them and animal studies therefore play a key role in research. They allow scientists to study organs and whole body systems, as well as employ techniques such as gene editing to provide the best possible insights.

The article looks at different rare diseases, from those that start in childhood – 70% of all rare diseases – to those that are genetic (around 70-80%), as well as certain cancers and brain conditions.

In addition, we look at EU policy on tackling rare diseases and how alternative methods can complement the findings of animal research, to improve our understanding and treatments.


han gu
han gu

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