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Animals in neuroscience research

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Insights into the use of monkeys and mice in neuroscience research have been highlighted in a video produced by EARA member Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI), Germany.

The video, publicised as part of the Be Open about Animal Research Day celebrations, shows how rhesus macaques, marmosets and mice are all used to help understand how the brain functions when animals concentrate during tasks.

ESI Director, Dr Pascal Fries, and animal welfare officer Dr Christa Tandi, talked about animal welfare and the procedures, while detailed images showed the animal housing and equipment used.

The video is accompanied by written testimonies from students and staff at ESI sharing their thoughts on the need for animals in research.

“Responsible and thoughtfully performed animal research is foundational for a deeper understanding of basic and clinical phenomena, including for those of us who do not work on animal studies,” said ESI managing director David Poeppel.

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