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Be Open About Animal Research Day 2022: Case studies and articles

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Be Open About Animal Research Day 2022 (#BOARD22), took place on the last day of the FELASA Congress (16 June). Many institutions across six continents supported the campaign, sharing case studies highlighting the importance of being open and transparent about the use of animals in research.

Here are a list of the case studies and articles published on social media by institutions on the day:

Belgium | Orsi Academy | The welfare of our laboratory animals

Germany | Ernst Strüngmann Institute | A virtual tour of our animal facility

Netherlands | Biomedical Primate Research Center | A tour of our monkey testing facility

Netherlands | Biomedical Primate Research Center | Q&A on monkeys in research

Netherlands | Radboud University/Donders Institute | What animals are doing in the Genzel lab today

Portugal | ORBEA Ciências ULisboa | The Animal Welfare Body supports #BOARD22

Portugal | Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal - Second Evaluation Report | Portuguese institutions show greater openness about animal research

Switzerland | University of Zurich (UZH) | Openness and transparency in animal research

UK | University of Manchester | List of 3Rs case studies

UK | Understanding Animal Research | Virtual tours of UK animal research labs

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