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Be Open About Animal Research Day 2024 (#BOARD24): Videos & Q&As

The fourth edition of Be Open About Animal Research Day (#BOARD24) took place on 3 May, during the Understanding Animal Research Openness in Animal Research conference, at the University of Warwick, UK. To celebrate the day, institutions, researchers and lab staff around the world produced videos where they spoke about the animal research they carry out (1.) and personally about the need to talk openly with the public about animal research (2.)

  • Here are the videos published on social media, where individuals and institutions talk about the importance of animal research and being open (listed by country/institution or individual).

Europe | European Brain Council | The continued necessity of animal research for treating brain diseases

Belgium | KU Leuven | The role of killifish in ageing research

France | Regional ethical committee of Normandy (CENOMEXA) | A board game to address public concerns about animal research

Germany | Roman Stilling | Celebrating #BOARD24 & openness at the Understanding Animal Research conference

Ireland | Royal College of Surgeons | The top 10 medical innovations thanks to research in mice in Ireland

Netherlands | Netherlands Cancer Institute | Researchers share their thoughts on animal research

Portugal | Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) at the University of Coimbra | Cristina Márquez explains the need to speak to the public about animal research

Portugal | Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research (iCBR) | Animal research at iCBR

Portugal | NOVA Medical School | Ana Isabel Santos | The work of EARA in fostering openness in animal research

Spain | Complutense University of Madrid | The importance of speaking about animal research

Spain | Spanish Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology | SEBBM members celebrate #BOARD24

Switzerland | EPFL | The life of an animal caretaker at EPFL

Switzerland | ETH Zurich | Why animal testing cannot be completely replaced

Switzerland | Università della Svizzera italiana | Research animals and why?

UK | The Francis Crick Institute | Zebrafish & organ development research

UK | Understanding Animal Research | The success of #BOARD24 & the openness conference with Hannah Hobson

UK | University of Liverpool | A brief tail of animal research in the UK

USA | Cindy Buckmaster | Celebrating #BOARD24 & openness at the Understanding Animal Research conference

  • Here are the Q&A videos (listed by country/institution/individual):

Belgium | ATLAS Neuroengineering | Ivânia Trêpo

Belgium | University of Liège | Georgios Petrellis

Germany | University of Freiburg | Monique Havermans

Italy | University of Cagliari | Nicola Simola

Netherlands | Biomedical Primate Research Centre | Magdalena Lorenowicz

Philippines | Philippine Association for Laboratory Animal Science | Rodel Jonathan S. Vitor II & Cherry P. Fernandez-Colorado

Poland | University of Wrocław | Marta Migocka-Patrzałek & Magda Dubińska-Magiera

Portugal | University of Beria Interior | Inês Serrenho

Portugal | Fala-me Neuro | Rui Rodrigues, Raquel Boia & Daniela Costa

Portugal | ICVS University of Minho | Susana Santos

Spain | University of the Balearic Islands | Manuel Jiménez

Spain | National Center for Biotechnology (CNB)

Spain | Science and Applied Biomedical Experimental Research (CREBA) | Lola García Olmo

Spain | Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe) | Viviana Bisbal

Spain | Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SECAL) | Angel Naranjo

Spain | SECAL | Alberto Pastor Campos

Spain | SECAL | Cristina Verdu

Spain | SECAL | Elena Tapia

Spain | SECAL | Francisca Gómez Marín

Spain | SECAL | Nahúm Ayala

Spain | SECAL | Pablo Gonzalez

Spain | SECAL | Sergio Salazar

Spain | SECAL | Yolanda Miralles

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