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Be Open About Animal Research Day 2024 (#BOARD24): Partners & statements

Updated: Jun 18

The fourth edition of Be Open About Animal Research Day (#BOARD24) took place on 3 May, during the Understanding Animal Research Openness in Animal Research conference, at the University of Warwick, UK.

220 institutions across six continents supported the campaign as partners, with many institutions producing a statement that highlighted why it is important to be open with the public about animal research, and the relevance of the #BOARD24 campaign.

Here is a list of all the #BOARD24 partners (by region/country and institution), plus the statements that were published on EARA social media platforms.

International | AAALAC

International | Charles River Laboratories

International | International Council for Laboratory Animal Science

Europe | AnimalhealthEurope

Europe | Animal Research Tomorrow

Europe | European Academy of Laboratory Animal Surgery

Europe | European Brain Council

Europe | European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Europe | European Federation of Animal Technologists

Europe | European Journal of Neuroscience

Europe | EU-LIFE

Europe | European Primate Veterinarians

Europe | European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians

Europe | European Zebrafish Society

Europe | Federation of European Laboratory Animal Breeders Associations

Europe | Federation of European Academies of Medicine

Europe | Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)

Europe | Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS)


EUROPE (Countries)

Austria | Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology

Austria | RepRefRed Society

Belgium | University of Antwerp

Belgium | Belgian Council for Laboratory Animal Science (BCLAS)

Belgium | Boehringer Ingelheim

Belgium | Ghent University

Belgium | GSK

Belgium | Infopoint Animal Testing (IPPO)

Belgium | Janssen

Belgium | KU Leuven

Belgium | Orsi Academy

Belgium |

Belgium | Sanofi Ghent

​​Belgium | Union Chimique Belge

Belgium | Université Libre de Bruxelles

Belgium | University of Liège

Belgium | University of Mons

Belgium | Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB)

Belgium | Zoetis

Czech Republic | Czech Laboratory Animal Science Association

Czech Republic | Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Denmark | Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs

Denmark | Lundbeck

Denmark | Scanbur

Denmark | Taconic

​​Finland | University of Helsinki

Finland | Orion

Finland | University of Turku

France | AFSTAL

France | Charles River Laboratories

France | Covalab

France | Etisense

France | GIRCOR

France | Institut Curie

France | Janvier Labs

France | Marshall BioResources

France | MitoCross LabEx Consortium

France | Paris Brain Institute

France | TransCure bioServices

France | Sanofi

Georgia | Georgian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Germany | 3R-Competence Network North Rhine-Westphalia

Germany | AbbVie

Germany | Agenda Life Sciences

Germany | Anatomical Society

Germany | Boehringer Ingelheim

Germany | Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Germany | Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience

Germany | German Society for Immunology (DGfI)

Germany | German Physiological Society (DPG)

Germany | Freie Universität Berlin

Germany | German Primate Centre (DPZ)

Germany | Goethe University Frankfurt

Germany | Hannover Medical School

Germany | Ilot-Projects GmbH

Germany | Institute for Auditory Neuroscience

Germany | Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Germany | GV-SOLAS - Society of Laboratory Animal Science

Germany | INSTECH

Germany | University Hospital Jena

Germany | Labcorp

Germany | Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Germany | Max Planck Society

Germany | Merck KGaA

Germany | MHH Hannover Medical School

Germany | RWTH Aachen University

Germany | Tierversuche verstehen

Germany | German Life Sciences Association (VBIO)


Greece | Hellenic Pasteur Institute

Greece | Hellenic Society of Biomedical and Laboratory Animal Science (HSBLAS)

Greece | Hellenic Society for Neuroscience

Hungary | Becton Dickinson

Hungary | University of Pecs

Italy | University of Cagliari

Italy | University of Ferrara

Italy | Mario Negri Institute

Italy | University of Milan

Italy | University of Padua

Italy | University of Parma

Italy | Research4Life

Italy | Tecniplast

Israel | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Israel | Inter-University Forum for Biomedical Research Israel

​​Israel | Israeli Laboratory Animal Forum

Israel | Let the Sick Live

Israel | Tel Aviv Sorasky Medical Center

Israel | Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

​Luxembourg | Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine

Malta | AquaBioTech Group

Netherlands | Biomedical Primate Research Centre

Netherlands | Maastricht University

Netherlands | Netherlands Cancer Institute

Netherlands | Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Netherlands | PLEXX

Netherlands | R. C. Hartelust

Netherlands | Stichting Informatie Dierproeven (SID)

Netherlands | Translational Neuroscience Unit at Radboud UMC

Netherlands | Wageningen University and Research

Poland | Polish Zebrafish Society

Poland | PolLASA

Poland | International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (IIMCB)

Portugal | University of Beira Interior

Portugal | Champalimaud Foundation

Portugal | Fala-me Neuro

​​Portugal | i3S University of Porto

Portugal | Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research (iCBR)

Portugal | ICVS/3B's University of Minho

Portugal | Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

Portugal | Institute of Molecular Medicine

​​Portugal | University of Lisbon

Portugal | NOVA Medical School

Portugal | Portuguese Laboratory Animal Sciences Association (SPCAL)

Portugal | Science Wave

Portugal | Vector B2B

Romania | Romanian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Serbia | University of Belgrade

Slovenia | University of Ljubljana

Slovenia | Society for Laboratory Animals of Slovenia

Spain | ARP Logística Clínica

Spain | University of the Balearic Islands

Spain | University of Castilla-La Mancha

Spain | Complutense University of Madrid

Spain | National Center for Biotechnology (CNB)

Spain | Spanish Epilepsy Federation (FEDE)

Spain | Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center Foundation



Spain | Institut de Recerca Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP)

Spain | Sant Pau Research Institute (IR Sant Pau)

Spain | Principality of Asturias University Institute of Oncology (IUOPA)

Spain | University of Navarra

Spain | Noveprim Group

Spain | Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Spain | Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SECAL)

Sweden | Uppsala University

Switzerland | EPFL

Switzerland | Idorsia

Switzerland | Novartis

Switzerland | Swiss Association of Veterinarians in Industry and Research (SAVIR)

Switzerland | Swiss 3RCC

Switzerland | Università della Svizzera italiana

Switzerland | Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV)

Switzerland | University of Zurich

Turkey | Laboratory Animal Science Association Turkey

Turkey | Turkish Society of Physiological Sciences

UK | Babraham Institute

UK | Dietex International Ltd

UK | Envigo

UK | The Francis Crick Institute


UK | Institute of Cancer Research

UK | Laboratory Animal Breeders Association of Great Britain

UK | Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA)

UK | The Learning Curve

UK | University of Manchester

UK | MRC Harwell

UK | Understanding Animal Research


Mauritius | BIOCULTURE Group

Mauritius | Cyno Breeders Association

Mauritius | Noveprim Group

South Africa | University of Cape Town

South Africa | South African Association for Laboratory Animal Science


Philippines | Philippine Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Saudi Arabia | Marifer Veloz (researcher)

Sri Lanka | University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Oceania | Understanding Animal Research Oceania

Australia/New Zealand | Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART)

Australia/New Zealand | Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA)


Central America | Federation of Hispanic Societies and Associations of North America, Central America and the Caribbean of Laboratory Animal Science (FeSAHANCCCAL)

Costa Rica | Central American and Mexican Scientific Association on Laboratory Animals (ACCMAL)

Cuba | Cuban Society of Laboratory Animal Science (SCCAL)

Dominican Republic | Dominican Society of Biomedical Research and Laboratory Animal Science (SODOMIBCAL)

Guatemala | Association for the Science of Laboratory Animals of Guatemala (ACAL)

Honduras | Honduran Association of Studies with Laboratory and Experimental Animals (AHEALE)

Mexico | Mexican Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AMCAL)

Mexico | Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Health Sciences and Nutrition (INCMNSZ)

Panama | Panamanian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (APCAL)


Canada | Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine (CALAM-ACMAL)

Canada | Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS/ASCAL)

Canada | Trent University

USA | Association of Primate Veterinarians

USA | Biomedical Research Awareness Day

USA | Bristol-Myers Squibb

USA | Inotiv

USA | In-Tox Products

USA | Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

USA | Transnetyx

USA | Zebrafish Husbandry Association


South America | Federation of South American Societies of Laboratory Animal Sciences (FESSACAL)

Argentina | Argentine Association of Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals (AACyTAL)

Brazil | Brazilian Association of Veterinary Hospitals 

Brazil | Brazilian Society of Laboratory Animal Science

Chile | Chilean Association in Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals (ASOCHITAL)

Chile | ZebraMayor

Colombia | Colombian Association for the Science and Welfare of Laboratory Animals (ACCBAL)

Peru | Association for Animal Employment and Welfare in Research and Teaching (ASOPEBAID)

Uruguay | Uruguayan Association of Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals (AUCYTAL)

Venezuela | Venezuelan Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AVECAL)


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