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Brain Prize & animal studies

This year’s prestigious Brain Prize has gone to three neuroscientists, who have all used animal research in their pioneering discoveries.

Each year the prize, awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation, Denmark, honours original and influential advances in brain research and neuroscience.

Laureate Erin Schuman, at EARA member the Max Planck Institute of Brain Research, Germany, is recognised for her work, including studies with rodents, to investigate the processes that control information processing and storage in neurons, and also used zebrafish to understand social behaviour.

Michael Greenberg, at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA, used mice to study how sensory experiences affect the function and development of the brain, and can contribute diseases of the nervous system.

While Christine Holt at the University of Cambridge, UK, focused on how brain connections are formed and maintained, using studies with mice, zebrafish and frogs.

Christine said: "It’s been an exciting journey of discovery that may eventually lead to advances in therapies for neurodegenerative disease and neural repair."


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