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Catch up with the EARA News Digest on video

 EARA News Digest video

Viewers of the EARA YouTube channel can now catch up with the most popular stories from the EARA News Digest with our monthly news round-up video.

The May edition of the round-up includes both animal research stories and more about the communication activities of EARA.

It features work by EARA member the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience on restoring sight for the blind, the launch of our Patient Discovery project at EARA member NOVA Medical School, in Portugal, and a look back at this year’s #BOARD24 campaign – there’s also a chance to catch up with the videos posted for #BOARD24 on our YouTube channel.

You can subscribe to EARA YouTube and find all the Digest news round-up videos here

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Nadia Eira
Nadia Eira
Jun 04

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