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Sharing research on social media

Scientists around the world, working to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, are documenting their work on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram using #TeamHalo.

An article on the BBC website, showed how researchers have made short videos to answer questions from the public and explain their part in the vaccine effort.

EARA’s own Q&A video initiative, #TransparencyThursday on Instagram, allows leading scientists to answer questions from the public about the use of animals in research.

This Thursday, 19 November, our guest is Johannes Bohacek of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, whose work focuses on how acute stress changes brain function and increases anxiety in mice.

Check out the previous guests: Salomé Pinho of i3s (Portugal), Max Rieckmann of University Clinic Halle (Germany), and Jocelien Olivier from University of Groningen, (Netherlands).

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