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EU animal statistics database

The EU Commission has published its first statistical database on the use of animals for scientific purposes.

The free-access ALURES data can now be filtered by categories such as species, type of research and severity to find out how many animals are being used in the EU – see also the video and infographics.

In its publicity, the Commission said that the data would help its aim of eventually replacing all animals in science ‘and prioritise our research and funding efforts, for example in the areas where most animals are used, or where they undergo the most severe procedures’.

Susanna Louhimies, of DG Environment, tweeted: “EU just made a quantum leap to new heights of #transparency. No excuses left – tools to focus #3Rs efforts are freely available for all those who want to walk the talk. Let's make progress towards the ultimate goal of full #replacement.”

The ALURES database shows the 2015-17 statistics that were originally presented to the public in a report published in February 2020. The 2020 report included a breakdown of figures for each Member State, however the national data will only be accessible through ALURES in 2023.


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