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EARA advises CITES working group

EARA is urging all CITES participant countries, where substantial biomedical research takes place, to make a small investment now to implement Simplified Procedures and to further explore the use of e-permitting, to speed up sample shipments, in the interest of human and animal health.

The Association was recently invited by partner organisations to work with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) working group on Simplified Procedures (SPs).

Read the EARA submission here:

Since 1973 CITES has worked to control international trade in certain plants and animals. Consequently, the CITES licensing system impacts upon the movement of primates for biomedical research.

SPs has been a relatively fast and efficient way of moving biological samples for medical trials. EARA has reported directly on the experiences of its members working under this system to the CITES working group, and is encouraging EU Member States and the U.S. biomedical research community to do the same.


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