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EARA expands its media training workshops

Updated: May 29

The EARA has introduced some new modules to its Media Training Series. Each workshop module is designed to equip researchers, research support staff, veterinarians, and communication professionals with the skills necessary to effectively communicate the critical role of animals used in biomedical research. 

Participants will benefit from tailored sessions covering various aspects of animal research, such as interactive formats featuring real-time discussions, and practical exercises. The workshops are structured into several formats:

  • Media training toolkit

  • Basic research

  • Non-human primate research (NEW)

  • Non-technical summaries (NEW)

  • Animal research for science communicators (NEW)

These workshops address the current challenges posed by campaigns aimed at phasing out animal use in research and focus on promoting openness and transparency by using innovative strategies to reach wider audiences.

With options for both online and in-person attendance - and the provision of certification upon completion - these workshops are an invaluable resource for any institution or individual involved in animal research. 

Please contact EARA events & projects officer, Nuno Miguel Gonçalves for more information.

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