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Getting vaccine facts straight

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

EARA has publicly challenged the false claims, about Covid-19 vaccine testing, made in the media by animal rights activists. In a letter to the The Times, EARA executive director, Kirk Leech, responded to an opinion piece by the UK actress Joanna Lumley which asserted that human trials were sometimes conducted ahead of animal testing for Covid-19 vaccines. Kirk said: “The urgency of the pandemic resulted in some testing on humans and animals being conducted at the same time, such as with the Moderna vaccine, but human trials were never conducted before animal trials.” EARA was also quoted in a fact-checking article by Agence France Presse which debunked claims that animals trials were ‘skipped’ in Covid-19 vaccine development – other fact-checking pieces also confirmed the stories were fake, see Reuters and AP News.

See also: USA Today September 2021


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