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EARA responds to MEP comments on research funding

EARA has challenged comments made by an MEP, who has called for the withdrawal of funding from 'animal-based research'.

Tilly Metz MEP, a Luxembourg member of the Greens/EFA group in Parliament, was interviewed in an article published by the European Science Media Hub (ESMH) reviewing

the progress and future outlook of alternative approaches to animal testing.

Speaking about the future she said: “The Animal Welfare Intergroup of the European Parliament intends to highlight the need to incentivise animal-free research, and discourage investment in animal-based research in relevant missions and projects of Horizon Europe.”

In its response, published by ESMH, EARA recognised that incentives for alternatives could speed progress, but warned that “this should not come at the expense of existing methods, such as animal models, which continue to assist the biomedical sector achieve remarkable results in drug innovation and treatments.”

ESMH is a project of the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA). The main target of the Hub is to be a point of reference for journalists who seek to disseminate accurate and unbiased scientific news to Europeans


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