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EARA sets up a Brussels office

(London, 31 January, 2020) On the eve of Brexit, the European Animal Research Association (EARA) has announced that it is setting up an additional office in Brussels, Belgium.

The presence in Brussels will help EARA expand its public affairs role in the EU and enhance the association’s ability to represent the European biomedical research sector with all key stakeholders.

EARA's Brexit Taskforce is already recognised by the UK animal science sector as the best way to express its concerns to the UK government, and to collaborate with it on developing opportunities on issues such as the transport of live research animals and biological samples and CITES import/export requirements post Brexit .

EARA is also introducing a regular Policy Briefing email on European policy issues. Please contact Kirk Leech if you wish to be included on the mailing list.

With headquarters in London, EARA is a pan-European organisation, with more than 80 members across 18 countries, that communicates and advocates in support of biomedical research using animals. In recent weeks it has added its first member organisations in both Greece (The Hellenic Society for Neuroscience) and Hungary (University of Pecs).

Commenting on the new office, EARA Executive Director, Kirk Leech, said: "We are pleased to make this announcement and look forward to strengthening EARA's collaboration with European researchers and institutions to ensure that research and drug development is able to use the best models available to study disease and protect the health of people and animals."

In anticipation of a UK-EU deal, EARA will work closely with UK government departments, such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), to ensure that the research sector is kept up to date with the new collaborative relationship between the UK and the EU.

During the Brexit transition period, which is expected to last until the end of 2020, the UK will continue to align with the EU on arrangements for the transportation of research animals and biological samples.

EARA Brussels office address

European Animal Research Association

52 Rue Marie de Bourgogne, 1st Floor

1000 Brussels, Belgium


About EARA

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is an organisation that communicates and advocates on biomedical research using animals and provides accurate, evidence-based information. It has more than 80 partner organisations, including private and public research bodies, universities, regional and national biomedical associations and suppliers, across 18 countries.

EARA’s vision is to enhance the understanding and recognition of research involving animals across Europe, allowing for a more constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and a more efficient climate for research in

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23 de jan.

Exciting news! EARA is expanding its footprint with a new Brussels office. The move signifies growth and a broader reach for this dynamic organization. Just as KDI-INC understands the importance of expanding services to meet evolving needs, EARA's presence in Brussels reflects a commitment to advancing their mission. Here's to new horizons and continued success!

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