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EU rejects to phase-out call

The EU Commission has voiced its strong support for biomedical research, in a response to calls by the European Parliament for a faster phase-out of the use of animals in scientific studies.

In its statement, the Commission defended the success of the current framework of legislation (Directive 2010/63) for the protection of research animals and recognised the role that animal studies continue to play in developing safe and effective drugs and treatments for the benefit of society.

EARA executive director, Kirk Leech, said: “It’s good to see that the Commission has acknowledged that despite biomedical advances, alternative methods still have very limited uses currently and that it is still not possible to foresee when non-animal methods will be able to replace animal procedures.”

EFPIA, on behalf of the pharmaceutical sector, also supported the Commission’s statement.

However, Kirk warned that there are still many challenges ahead, with separate initiatives for faster phase-out possible in individual Member States.

“EARA needs the continued support of its members, and new potential members, to continue this work. Any institution interested in collaborating further with EARA please contact"


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