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Guardian video

UK newspaper, The Guardian, has explored some of the common questions about animal research in a new video.

Journalist Richard Sprenger visited three animal research laboratories to find out how the animals are used in biomedical, conservational or agricultural research.

The video features the MRC Harwell Institute, UK, where Dr Sara Wells, co-ordinator of the mouse genetics projects, answers questions on how mice are used to help improve understanding of diseases that affect humans and animals.

“Without a doubt, without using mice to alter genes, we wouldn’t know what the majority of genes did,” she said.

Visiting the Centre for Dairy Research and Shinfield Farm, University of Reading, the video shows cattle used in environmental research, and a herd of llamas at the university farm, including Fifi the llama who was involved in Covid-19 antibody research.

At the marine biology lab, Sprenger discusses how the animal sentience bill in the UK might affect research on cephalopods.

“We do think they should have more protection, but the only way we can learn more about them to protect them effectively is to continue to study them,” said Emily Sullivan, of the Marine Biological Association.


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