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High public acceptance of UK animal research in pandemic survey

An opinion survey by Understanding Animal Research (UAR) has shown a high public acceptance of animal research to find treatments for Covid-19.

During the current UK lockdown, 1027 individuals answered the survey, and the main findings were:

  • 73% accepted that scientific research using animals such as mice, dogs and monkeys, would be important to develop treatments and vaccines for Covid-19.

  • A tenth (11%) of people feel that their views on animal research and testing have changed since the Covid-19 outbreak. In all cases, these people are more accepting of using animals in research.

  • 77% said that they trusted UK researchers to provide a solution to Covid-19.

  • 92% were aware that animals are used to try to develop new treatments and procedures for specific diseases.

Bella Williams, UAR head of engagement said: “Overwhelmingly the public trust and support the efforts of scientists and those who work with them to find a solution to ending the pandemic, and they are more aware than before that this is likely to mean using animals in research."

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Albina Konovalova
Albina Konovalova
20 janv. 2023

Nice, thank you!

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