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EARA marks awareness day with Lab Rat Chat interview

Marking this week’s Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD2021), EARA has interviewed Jeff Marshall, co-host of the Lab Rat Chat podcast.

The YouTube broadcast is the latest in EARA’s #LetsTalkSciComm series and Jeff explains the thinking behind the podcast, which is supported by Americans for Medical Progress.

He explained why podcasts make a good platform for science communication and shared his top tips for getting into science communication.

Jeff stressed the importance of keeping going, even when it feels as though your impact is not being felt.

“Just keep sharing on social media, people are seeing it and someone is learning from it – just don’t stop”, he concluded.

You can subscribe to #LetsTalkSciComm on this link.


Maria Kenneth
Maria Kenneth
Jun 13

Great to see EARA raising awareness for biomedical research through this Lab Rat Chat interview. Podcasts like this are a wonderful way to share science insights and connect with curious audiences. It's a reminder that even small interactions, like a chance omegle conversation, can inspire someone to explore science communication. Keep up the great work!


May 07

Highlighting awareness through interviews like Lab Rat Chat is crucial, especially in initiatives like EARA. Integrating cam to cam interactions can enhance the engagement and authenticity of such discussions. We value genuine connections. Join us today and experience the thrill of meeting someone new while we prioritize your privacy!


lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 19

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) commemorating its awareness day with a Lab Rat Chat interview is a pivotal move towards fostering transparency and understanding about animal research. Similar to how platforms like Chatrandom facilitate LGBTQ video chats, allowing for open and diverse dialogues, EARA's initiative aims to open up conversations about the ethical considerations and scientific importance of animal research. By engaging the public through accessible formats like interviews, EARA can demystify the process and goals of animal research, addressing common misconceptions and highlighting the critical role such research plays in medical advancements. This approach mirrors the way platforms like Chatrandom connect people from all walks of life, promoting a better understanding and tolerance through direct communication. EARA's effort…

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