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More than 120 organisations oppose ‘Stop Vivisection’ initiative

Media Release London, 4th March 2015

EARA joins research funders and organisations, learned societies and patient groups in a joint statement to support Directive 2010/63/EU and to oppose ‘Stop Vivisection’ Citizens’ Initiative, which was submitted yesterday to the European Commission.

Given the importance of animal research in science and scientific developments, a coalition of leading research funders, research organisations, learned societies and patient groups has issued a joint statement supporting European Directive 2010/63/EU. The statement calls on the European Parliament and European Commission to reaffirm their commitment to the Directive and to oppose the ‘Stop Vivisection’ Citizens’ initiative that is seeking to appeal the Directive and to ban animal research. The initiative was submitted yesterday and the Commission’s response needs to be adopted before June 3rd, yet the dates of the hearing in the Parliament and by the Commission are still unknown.

The signatories support research using animals where alternative methods are not available, where the potential benefits to health are compelling, and where acceptable ethical and welfare standards can be met. Accordingly, the Directive introduces the requirement to consider the principles of replacement, reduction and reduction refinement (3Rs) when using animals in research and encourages the development of non-animal alternatives.

By signing this statement, EARA wants to reaffirm the small but fundamental role that animal research still plays in basic and applied biomedical research. Until alternative methods are in place, the Directive that regulates the protection of animals used for scientific purposes needs to be upheld.

Mr. Kirk Leech, EARA Executive Director:

“The ECI ignores the fundamental role that animal research plays in medical and scientific developments. European Directive 2010/63 constitutes a very progressive and stringent framework that introduces high animal welfare standards while encouraging the development of non-animal alternatives. We are pleased to join this statement to support the Directive in order to ensure that Europe maintains its leading role in biomedical research.”

Organisations that wish to support the statement can add their logos by contacting

Media Inquiries:

Dr. E. Martinez Sanchez, EARA Press and Communications Officer,

Note to Editors

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is a communications and advocacy organisation whose mission is to uphold the interests of biomedical research and healthcare development across Europe. The creation of EARA was prompted by the recognition by the scientific community that Europe needs a public information platform where citizens and journalists can learn the facts and benefits of animal research.


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