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Neuralink response

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has said that claims that monkeys were mistreated during research are ‘misleading’.

Neuralink, and the California National Primate Research Centre at UC Davis, USA, where the animals were held, had come under fire from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which said the macaques used in research were subjected to ‘extreme suffering’.

In a detailed response, the company stressed its commitment to animal welfare by showing images of the housing, food and care that the animals receive, and that it worked with animals in the ‘most humane and ethical way possible.

In a tweet accompanying the response, Neuralink said that ‘without proper context, information from medical records and study data can be misleading’.

The company is working on a brain implant device which could allow humans with neurological conditions to control technology with their thoughts, with results in one pig and one monkey.

Neuralink also stated that the accusations came from a group who are opposed to animal research, and that current regulations state that medical devices must always be tested in animals before human trials.

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