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Neuroscience research awards

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

A recently announced contest on neuroscience and brain research is now open to high schools.

The Neuroscience Research Award aims to inspire students to share discoveries on the brain and related research by producing creative and innovative five-minute videos.

The award will be part of the FENS 2023 Regional Meeting in Algarve, Portugal, on 3-5 May. The application deadline for the award is 31 March.

EARA will be in attendance and presenting at the Regional Meeting, in a session about communication on animal research.

Meanwhile, the FENS Research Award, sponsored by EARA member Boehringer Ingelheim and worth €25,000, will be given to a researcher in Europe for ‘outstanding and innovative scientific work’ in neuroscience research, to be presented at the FENS Forum 2024.

The deadline to apply is 25 April 2023 – candidates must be maximum 15 years post-PhD at the nomination deadline.



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