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3Rs podcast

A podcast looking at the work of 3Rs centres across Europe has been launched.

The podcast by the Altertox Academy, based in Belgium, looks at how these centres fund research and early career development, and support innovation and the spread of scientific methods that can replace, refine or reduce the number of animals used in biomedical research.

In the first episode, Adrian Smith, from Norecopa Norway's 3Rs centre, spoke about its activities to promote the 3Rs, such as the PREPARE guidelines for planning best practice on animal research and testing.

The second episode features Arti Ahluwalia, of Centro 3R, Italy, who highlights the ongoing difficulties of transposing EU Directive 2010/63 on the use of animals for scientific purposes into Italian legislation.

“Our vision is really trying to make people, not just universities, lectures and students, but also the public aware that the application of the 3Rs is equivalent to good, responsible research,” said Arti.


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