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Pro-Test Deutschland & science communication #LetsTalkSciComm

A German animal advocacy organisation is the latest to feature in EARA’s YouTube video series about science communication #LetsTalkSciComm.

Pro-Test Deutschland team members Emma Pietsch, Anna Ammon, Annika Binder and Natascha Drude described how they engage with the German public in about animal research and share their top tips on communication with a range of audiences.

Sharing her three top tips for getting started in communication, Natascha Drude told viewers: “Don’t overthink it – just start talking about it,” advising people to start with their close friends and family while approaching the topic of animal research.

Previous #LetsTalkSciComm videos, featuring TikTok scientist, Dr Ben Rein, and Pint of Science International Director, Dr Elodie Chabrol, can be viewed on EARA’s YouTube channel.


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