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Reducing animal use through reuse

Professor Javier S. Burgos

Researchers in Spain have developed an online platform aimed at helping to reduce the use of animals and speed up biomedical research.

Through the aRukon platform, the University Jaume I of Castelló (UJI), in Castelló de la Plana, in collaboration with the technology company Semicrol, allows scientists globally to buy unused, stored animal experiment samples from different laboratories. This should save research teams money in the long-term, while reducing animal use.

The platform has now made its first version public and researchers can categorise their unused animal samples online by species, organ, age, genetic background, treatment, etc.  

Professor Javier S. Burgos (pictured) presented the technology at the recent congress of EARA member SECAL (Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences).

For more details watch the aRukon demo on YouTube and check the X/formerly Twitter account.

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mclaughlin freeman
mclaughlin freeman
6 days ago

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