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Researchers on Instagram in 2021

This year on EARA Intagram, we saw more scientists than ever, coming forward publicly to answer questions about their research using animals. The Q&A video series #TransparencyThursday, featured 28 researchers talking about topics such as cardiovascular and inflammatory disorders, depression and anxiety, therapies for glaucoma, and 3Rs improvements, among others.

Scientists from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and USA have all taken part, including:

- Jean Laurens, of EARA member the Ernst Strungmann Institute, Germany, explaining why marmoset monkeys make a good model for studying the effects of vision and movement in the brain. Jean explained: “Science is not about opposing animal research versus other methods, in reality it's an ecosystem of techniques that complement each other."

- Margaux Kenwood, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, answering questions on her research using rhesus macaques to study anxiety;

- Raquel Boia, of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, speaking about her studies to develop new therapies for glaucoma in the first ever live #TransparencyThursday;

- Belén Pintado, of CNB-CSIC, Spain, sharing how she has been communicating about her animal research during the campaign Get on #BOARD21.

- Marieke Francois and Eva Vanderstraeten, of EARA member the Orsi Academy, spoke about how animals are needed for the training of surgeons, particularly in minimal invasive surgery and about Orsi's commitment to openness.

"The less information people have about lab animals, the more negative reactions we get. But after explaining the reason why we use animals, the reactions become milder," said Marieke.

The full list of researchers featured in this initiative is available on YouTube.


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