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Science blog for French schoolchildren

The latest episode of EARA’s Let’s Talk SciComm YouTube series features Dr Valentine Bouet, a teacher-researcher at the University of Caen Normany, France, who discusses how she communicates to children about science through the blog, Kidi’science.

By writing and editing blog posts on different science topics, including why animals are used in research, and science experiments to try at home, Dr Bouet hopes to inspire children by encouraging them to read a short Kidi’science article each week.

‘Children are totally able to appreciate why the use of animals is necessary,’ she said.

Kidi’science attracts around 50,000 subscribers every month – largely due to the blog being linked to the popular science website Café des Sciences, and also through email alerts and promotion on social media.

When communicating science to a young audience, Dr Bouet recommends keeping it simple and concise, and relating the science back to the children’s everyday lives, so they can see why it is important.

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