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South American lab animal societies join EARA

South America

The Federation of South American Societies of Laboratory Animal Science (FESSACAL), has joined EARA.

FESSACAL is a scientific society representing the common interests of associations across South America, on all matters related to laboratory animal science on the continent.

Also joining EARA, as individual members, are the seven national laboratory animal associations (from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) that make up FESSACAL.

EARA executive director, Kirk Leech, said: “There is growing interest worldwide in the work of EARA on behalf of the biomedical sector. This hugely significant development shows that the progress made in Europe to improve openness and dialogue with the public on the use of animals for scientific purposes is now having a global impact.”

EARA will now work with FESSACAL and its members to improve communications and transparency on laboratory animal science in South America.

EARA was created in 2014 and has now been in existence for 10 years. It was created originally by seven institutional members and with FESSACAL, there are now more than 160 members.

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Smith Joel
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