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Monkeys for Covid-19 research

US researchers have confirmed the importance of using rhesus macaque monkeys as models in Covid-19 research, in a recent study.

The analysis, from Texas Biomedical Research Institute and Southwest National Primate Research Centre (SNPRC), compared the responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection in rhesus macaques, marmosets and baboons, to determine which model is most suitable to study disease.

The results, published in Nature Microbiology, show the value of rhesus macaques in particular for Covid-19 vaccine research. Baboons can also provide more detailed information about the potential effects of Covid-19 on other diseases, such as diabetes.

“Our results tell us that these animal models will provide relevant, quantifiable information moving forward as we delve deeper into understanding the disease and targets for therapeutics and vaccines for human trials," said Dr Deepak Kaushal, director of the SNPRC.


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