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Swiss university hub to improve research animal welfare


ETH Zurich has recently launched an initiative that brings together its activities and knowledge on the 3Rs principles, to establish effective ways to improve the welfare of animals used in research.

The goal of the 3Rs Hub is to develop new technologies at the university that reduce the use of animals while minimising the burden on the animals themselves, with the idea that these methods will then be shared with other research groups.

The Hub will unify the 3Rs efforts of individual laboratories, providing researchers with a central point of contact for accessing 3Rs information and guidance, exchanging ideas and best practices, as well as offering training.

It is attached to ETH Zurich’s Molecular and Behavioural Neuroscience group due to the group’s experience in implementing the 3Rs, for example through a project that is using AI to monitor the behaviour of rodents from their home cage.

Johannes Bohacek, who heads the group, said: “Now, with the new Hub, we’re intensifying the exchange of ideas as well as pooling and imparting 3R knowledge and expertise. And we’re identifying tailored solutions to make research as comfortable as possible for laboratory animals in many fields.”

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Yukia Nanilas
Yukia Nanilas

An intriguing new edition of the game with different areas and a really straightforward core objective run 3



This initiative by ETH Zurich is a great step forward for animal welfare in research. The 3Rs principle is crucial for minimizing the build now gg use and suffering of animals.

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