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Tours of animal facilities at Zurich

EARA member the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland, is hosting tours of its animal facilities this summer, for its staff and students, to demonstrate how animals are used and cared for in its scientific research.

UZH, which has hosted 'Days of the Laboratory Animal' events since 2016, aims to give people who are not involved with animal research first-hand information about the animal experiments carried out there.

This year, researchers, animal husbandry and animal welfare officers (pictured) provided an insight into their work and answered questions.

A tour of the university's large animals (such as monkeys and farm animals) took place on 15-16 June (highlighted during our #BOARD23 campaign), while the zebrafish facility will open its doors this week on 28 June. Meanwhile, a series of tours of the university’s rodent facilities are taking place on 30 June and 7 and 28 July.


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