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UK cancer exhibition

The first-ever exhibition on cancer research in the UK, pairing patients with scientists to discuss the topic, has opened in London.

Outwitting Cancer - Making Sense of Nature’s Enigma (until July 2022) at the Francis Crick Institute, and reviewed in the Guardian, includes eight films capturing conversations between researchers, patients and those with personal perspectives on cancer.

Alongside the video interviews, Adrian Hayday, a senior group leader at the Crick, has been recorded explaining the importance of animal research.

The films include studies with nematode worms to understand the role of DNA in cancer cells, research with mice to study a rare blood disease, and why elephants can help us to study cancer, are some of the examples displayed at the exhibition.

Discussing the free exhibition, Paul Nurse, chief executive officer of the Crick, said: “We feel that scientists have to be open and available to the community. Over half our research group leaders are involved in some way in cancer research.”

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