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In the latest edition of EARA’s #LetsTalkSciComm series, Sam Shingles, Communities Officer from UK-based campaign group Sense about Science, has spoken of the need for clear information when discussing controversial science topics.

The group challenges the misrepresentation of science in public life, and encourages the public to ask for detailed evidence on high profile issues such as vaccine hesitancy and genetically-modified crops, as well as animal research.

On the use of animals, Sam highlighted the group’s publication about good practices in veterinary medicine, which showcased how “sound science and evidence could be used to encourage the continued use [of animals in research]”.

Encouraging others not to be afraid of difficult conversations, Sam told viewers “some of the most challenging conversations I’ve ever had to do with any aspect of science have been some of the most invigorating and help you contextualise”.

All previous episodes of #LetsTalkSciComm can be found on EARA’s YouTube and Instagram pages.

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