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Why animal research matters – videos

A host of scientists came forward in 2022 to talk to EARA about their use of animals in research and why it is necessary.

The Q&A Instagram series #TransparencyThursday (now collated on EARA's YouTube) featured researchers from Belgium, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK and USA. For example:

Alexander Bartelt, of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany, answered your questions on how mice, rats and other animals can be used to understand diet and weight gain in humans, and how it can lead to diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Cindy Streiff, PhD student at the faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Liège, Belgium, explained how she uses zebrafish to study viral infections.

And Chloé Bars, a PhD student at the Comparative Perinatal Development Laboratory (CoPeD), Belgium, discussed how she uses zebrafish embryos as an alternative to animal testing in the field of chemical safety assessment for humans.

Among other videos, as part of EARA’s Be Open About Animal Research Day (#BOARD22) in June, EARA member the Netherlands Cancer Institute presented an impressive video showing its lab facilities, including interviews with staff and procedures with animals.

In addition, Anna Mitchell, formerly of Oxford University, spoke about her outreach work in schools to explain the use of monkeys in research; and Sandra Reichel, at the Translational Animal Research Center (TARC) in Mainz, Germany, talked about her work to disseminate information on the use of non-animal alternatives in research.

All previous episodes of #TransparencyThursday are available to watch on our YouTube channel, just subscribe to be among the first to hear about our new editions in 2023.


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