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About EARA

Since its founding in 2014 EARA has grown to an association of more than 170 member organisations from both private and public biomedical research, as well as professional bodies, in 23 European countries and 14 other countries around the world.

Through the support of its members, EARA aims to increase public understanding of the use of animals for biomedical research; influence decision-makers; support advocacy and communications networks and provide support and assistance for the transport supply chain.

Member Benefits 
  • Partnerships with local networks to develop Transparency Agreements and responses to the media.
  • Workshops and a free Communications Handbook with details on communications strategies, crisis management and website development.
  • Practical advice and media training on long-term communications strategies, rapid media response and website content.
  • Campaigning for the sector to ensure the resilience of the transport supply chain for animal research.
  • Representing the biomedical research sector at the EU Commission and national authority level.
  • A quarterly Member Newsletter with updates on EARA activities, policy developments, important news about research and news from the media.
  • Access to EARA's weekly online Policy Briefing.
Please fill in the Information Form and email it to us to request EARA membership information,
or contact for more details.

Some EARA achievements

  • The creation of Transparency Agreements across Europe and worldwide to raise awareness on the uses of animals in scientific research, which now include more than 500 signatory institutions.

  • Assistance with the creation in Italy of the national advocacy organisation Research4Life with more than 60 member and supporter institutions.

  • Official observer status for EARA at the EU National Competent Authorities meetings to review EU Directive 2010/63.

  • EARA Twitter feeds in 17 different European countries as well as regular posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

​“EARA has come a long way in a short time, but there is still much more to do and our core objectives for the next five years will help us stay on track to raise awareness of the important work being done in the life sciences across Europe.”

EARA Executive Director, Kirk Leech

EARA Strategy 2023 – 2028
To meet the ambitions of its vision and mission statements and to reach its key audiences EARA has now identified five core strategy objectives for the next five years. 
  •  Establish EARA as the leading and trusted voice in Europe representing organisations
    that use and breed animals for scientific purposes.
  • Drive the efforts to respond to the growing political pressure and campaigns seeking
    the premature end of the use of animals for scientific purposes
  • Drive cultural change, focusing on institutional policies and practices, on how organisations
    communicate to the public about their use of animals for scientific purposes.
  • Support and lead efforts to maintain a conducive operating environment for the use
    of animals in scientific research in Europe.
  • Ensure that EARA has the resources and operational resilience to meet current and
    future demands on the association.

EARA Goals and Milestones

EARA Strategy 2013-2018

EARA Strategy 2023-2028

EARA Five Year Strategy 2018-2023

Information Brochures

Browse through our latest information brochure, or download the PDF below. 

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