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Celebrating openness about animal research

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The second edition of Be Open About Animal Research Day (#BOARD22) will take place on the last day of this year's Felasa Congress (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) in Marseille, France, on Thursday, 16 June 2022


EARA will be co-ordinating the 24-hour global campaign supported by the wider biomedical community, both public and private, across the continents of the world.

Register your interest  here, either as an institution or as an individual, before Friday, 6 May 2022.

#BOARD22 - What you need to know
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Download the Get on #BOARD22 Guide here:

Who can participate:


The signatories of the national Transparency Agreements, in Europe, plus institutions in all countries where there are discussions about openness and transparency, and anyone else who would like to join the 24-hour period of activity across the globe. 

Although the campaign takes place during the Felasa Congress, this initiative welcomes not only European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, but any institution across the globe that wants to celebrate and raise awareness about their proactive approach to communicating about their use of animals in research.

Enrol as a partner 

To enrol your organisation as a partner of this initiative, please complete the online form before Friday, 6 May 2022. Being a partner means having your logo displayed in the list of organisations/institutions supporting this campaign, and adding a statement in support of the campaign on your website. 

Suggested activities:

Each institution/organisation can decide what activity they would like to carry out based on their resources and approach.

Here are some suggestions you can plan ahead of the event:

  • Share and retweet: You can share and retweet all EARA's posts on your social media platforms, always using the hashtag #BOARD22 - although you are, of course, free to use other hashtags, such as #animalresearch. 

  • Transparency Thursday: Produce a video Q&A where scientists answer questions from the public about their animal research (check examples here). 

  • Let’s Talk SciComm: Conduct a video Q&A where science communicators can give tips on how they share information on social media about their animal research (check examples here). 

  • Case studies: Run a series of print, or video case studies on your social media and website, showing how animal research is communicated by your organisation. 

  • Webinar: Organise a webinar to address how your organisation/institution has been working on openness and transparency on animal research. Here are some examples of EARA events on Improving Openness in Animal Research in Israel, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain

  • Podcast: Produce a podcast or a series of podcasts interviewing scientists about their animal research. An example is Lab Rat Chat sponsored by Americans for Medical Progress.

  • Open days/Lab tours: Invite the public to visit your facilities, either in person or virtually, to inform them about animal research. See the 360° laboratory animal tours by Understanding Animal Research and the initiatives from KU Leuven, Belgium and the University of Oviedo, Spain.

Social Media:

All activities and posts during this day should include the hashtag #BOARD22. Using the hashtag is a way to make easier for people on social media to discover all the posts about the initiative in one place. This is because a hashtag is a way to aggregate all relevant social media content.

Platforms to use include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

This is the official logo of the campaign (download here: PDF, PNG, JPG):


Your activities can be organised either in English and/or in the national language of the country. The materials provided by EARA will be in English.


Check out some of the common questions regarding openness and transparency about the use of animals in research here.

Articles about #BOARD22 and EARA at Felasa 2022 appeared in the summer edition of LASA's magazine.


Check out the #BOARD21 initiatives from across the world:
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