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An insulin pill to treat diabetes?

Researchers in Canada have successfully tested in mice.a way to treat diabetes with a pill.

Now there is hope that patients with diabetes will not have to endure the daily grind of injections of insulin.

Researchers at The University of British Columbia (UBC) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, have now designed oral tablets, using a freeze-drying and spray drying method, to load the insulin into small molecules, called nanoparticles.

“These exciting results show that we are on the right track in developing an insulin formulation that will no longer need to be injected before every meal, improving the quality of life, as well as mental health, of more than nine million Type 1 diabetics around the world.” said Prof. Dr. Anubhav Pratap-Singh, at UBC, the study's main author..

The study is yet to go into human trials.


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