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Feature on research animals – mice

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

EARA has published a feature article outlining how and why mice are used in scientific research, and the main areas that involve these animals.

Mice are one of the most important animals used in biomedical research in Europe and worldwide. They have played a key role in advances, including the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines and our understanding of major diseases such as cancer.

For example, mice are needed to study infectious diseases such as influenza and Ebola. And using genetically altered mice, that have more human-like traits, has allowed researchers to shed light on how genes, proteins and processes work.

The article also looks at the discoveries and breakthroughs that have come about as a result of research in mice, and the efforts in Europe to reduce, replace and refine their use.

You can find our other articles on the use of other animals in biomedical research here.


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