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Israeli media intervention

Criticism of inaccurate reporting on research using animals, in an Israeli online publication, has seen the article corrected and more balance added.

EARA’s Twitter ambassador in Israel, Dr Dvir Mintz, tweeted about the one-sided criticism of the research conducted by the Israeli Defence Force, in an article in Ynet.

The Israeli military had been criticised by activists for testing the impact of weaponry and nerve gas on animals. Ynet later updated the article to include an interview with Prof. and Brigadier Arye Eldad, who was part of the approving committee for animal experimentation responsible for animal care.

He told Ynet: "Even today, in the field of burns there is no other model that can examine the reaction of a living body to different materials or chemical burns."

Israeli animal research statistics for 2019 were released last month indicating the animals most used were mice, fish and rats.

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