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Podcast on brain research – Q&A video

Updated: Jan 31

Podcast on brain research – Q&A video

The latest episode of EARA’s Let's Talk SciComm Q&A series features the Neuroscience and Beyond podcast, created and hosted by Svilen Georgiev, a PhD student at the University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany.

In the interview, available on EARA YouTube and Instagram, we asked Svilen how his podcast encourages neuroscientists to talk openly about their research and their use of animals, in order to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public.

Neuroscience and Beyond (also found on YouTube), also explores the topics of animal welfare and ethics with its guests. For example, in one episode, Prof Alexander Gail, at the German Primate Research Center, highlighted the efforts of the institute in assessing the health of its research animals and improving their wellbeing.

Svilen explained that animal research is still indispensable to neuroscience since ‘we need animals to study the brain in a way that is not possible in humans with the current technology’.

He also described his motivations for the podcast and shared three tips for those interested in starting their own science podcast.

“I believe that we, as scientists, bear responsibility to communicate our research effectively, making it accessible to all,” he said.

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