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Science communicator needed in Belgium

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) and the Belgian Council for Laboratory Animal Science (BCLAS) are looking for a science communicator to run initiatives on animal research in Belgium. The candidate will be responsible for:

  • Managing the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Belgium - an initiative from the scientific community co-ordinated by EARA and BCLAS to better inform the public, journalists and politicians about the use of animals for scientific purposes;

  • Running an EARA Twitter account in Dutch (@EARA_BE) and providing accurate, evidence-based news and other information on the impact and benefits of animal research.

Ideally the candidates should have a background in biomedical research and live in Belgium, or have worked or studied there previously. Knowledge of French would also be an advantage. They should also be available to start as soon as possible. This is a pro rata two days a week job, paying 500€ every three months. If you are interested in collaborating with EARA and BCLAS contact us by e-mail –


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