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Scientists talk about their research using animals

Updated: Mar 4

Find out more about how leading scientists from around the world have been answering your questions about their studies using animals.

EARA's #TransparencyThursday, which features regularly on our Instagram feed (and also on YouTube) is an initiative that allows the public the chance to find out exactly why scientists need to use animals to pursue their biomedical research.

Researchers post a video on EARA Instagram with a short description of their studies and invite viewers to ask them questions. A selection of the questions (examples pictured below) are then put to the researchers.

So far, researchers from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and USA have taken part in #TransparencyThursday.

The full Q&A videos are available here.

Here's the full list of researchers featured in this initiative. Click on each picture to see their video Q&A.

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loinse bekean
loinse bekean
Jun 17

The subway surfers animations are super fun, especially when using power-ups.

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