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Virtual events in March

An event on Culture of Care and Responsible Research is taking place virtualy this week.

Hosted by the University Hospital Jena, Germany, the session is organised by EARA member Transnetyx, USA, and ConScienceTrain, Germany, on Thursday, 10 March, 9h00-14h00 CET. Registration here.

EARA Communications and Engagement Officer, Ana Barros, will speak about “Get on #BOARD22”, EARA’s global campaign to celebrate animal research communications, while EARA Board member, Roman Stilling, of Tierversuche verstehen, will talk about the German Transparency Agreement, which was launched last year.

Later this month, two other online webinars focusing on animal welfare will take place in France, on Wednesday, 16 March, 14h00 - 17h00 CET, with EARA Board member Serban Morosan, of Sorbonne University, speaking about communication on animal research and in Poland, on Friday, 18 March, 14h00 - 16h40 CET.


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